rwby weapon oc 1 Like Unlike. This is only an upper limit, you are free to use less than 4 points. Saw-axe FH47 9 4 RWBY OC Weapon - Smaragdos Needle Al-Fatman 99 25 [RWBY] Fenrir and Gleipnir Weapon Commission infectitious 9 0 Zalick's Energy Bat Cyclone-Sama 9 0 Raiden Blade Cyclone-Sama 10 0 Justice Armor Cyclone-Sama 16 5 Apocalypse Cyclone-Sama 7 0 Myrtenaster (Super Fail) NightmareZanez 11 12 RWBY: Weapon Concepts w Names . Jun 3, 2015 3 min read. A RWBY Weapons Generator. save. RWBY weapon and semblance name generator. 1000's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like. Posted in Uncategorized. Weapon designed, modeled and animated by DenalCC1010, . What other weapon will you have in RWBY? . See more ideas about rwby oc, rwby, weapon concept art. The transformation alone already makes them powerful, because for example a brawler won´t be unhappy if he carries Magnhild in hammer form. Your model is disabled. This is high effort, take my updoot. Weapons. AK-426 "Fenrir" Heavy Assault Unit. Demis weapon1 Marcovaldiart 16 0 Perssy bow1 Marcovaldiart 11 2 'Obelisk' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) DenalCC1010 50 5 'Cheshire Smile' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) DenalCC1010 88 3 UPDATED Weapon Descriptions Designs NellVeil 4 0 Nell's arm (RWBY Self-Insert) NellVeil 6 2 RWBY Weapon design- Penna NellVeil 4 0 'Wohlwollendes . This weapon will be given to my planned OC named Philbert. Team FRST (Forrest) 1-Fae Arbor (frog) 2-Rachel Lear (sheep) 3-Spencer Shelob (spider)4- Tera Lupin (wolf) Expand. Harupia7 Channel- https://www. Azulite is a Automatic shotgun with a hard light projector in the front. Apr 12, 2018 - Explore Tony's board "RWBY OC Weapons" on Pinterest. With a press of a trigger the user can apply Earth Dust to the Sword. Jul 14, 2016 · Previous Thread Welcome to the foundry, this is… One of the revolvers contains earth, wind, fire, magma, gravity and lightning dust cartridges, and the other regular bullets. Share your newly created diagnosis! Aug 10, 2015 · What RWBY weapon are you suited to? - Quiz. The video first showcasing Angel presents her fighting a version of Weiss Schnee. Coco’s Mini gun is a prime example. The weapons of various characters in RWBY are used to fight enemies and monsters throughout Remnant. @woomyleg. The boomerang can detach to shoot. Here's another weapon (Finally)! Feels like I haven't posted one in forever - lots of stuff going on that is slowing down my progress, unfortunately. Archive retrieved. Feb 12, 2019 · 'The Grimm Reaper' - RWBY OC Weapon. 1yr ⋅ MalcolmBelmont ⋅ r/RWBYOC. 2016. Existing Weapon Ideas. What weapon will you have in RWBY? @ErimakiNekoLoli. Checkmate (Weapon) Lunar Illusion. Nov 17, 2020 - Explore Trog Boss's board "rwby oc ideas", followed by 164 people on Pinterest. [Team ROSA] "Ace of Clubs" - Weapon. 4,902. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot . RWBY Combination Weapons Generator. Jay's RWBY Weapon Maker. #rwby oc #rwby oc weapon #faunus #Faunus oc #rwby #rwby faunus #oc team #rwby oc team #team FRST. This OC could also just be you, but Genshin Impact-ified! Edit: Natlan information updated & changed. Previously this weapon was a Hard-Light Projector but i realised that likely wouldn't work considering how much HLD it would take to create big projections so ultimately i decided to change it but retain the light based combat. 4 Storage 2 List of Weapons 3 Other Weapons 3. male, rwby, female. Not all the weapons so far have been seen to have an upgrade but hopefully this ll help us find some. 1 Design 1. The shield is activated by touching the weapons together when in brass knuckle mode as if fist-bumping one’s self. In melee it is mainly used for bashing. They have normal aura. Read RWBY OC No 2 from the story My RWBY OCs by Balasubas19 (Raizer) with 1,857 reads. Name: Carl Shadeheart Alias: Umbrella. Though while Aura seems to posses a stock set of effects for every person, Semblances are unique and individualized. [Team ROSA] Owain Escher - Pink Rose. 2 oc rwby weapon #JaysRWBYWeapon Tweets Share. " Turning away from the body, the pimp merged with his other half, once again becoming the man known as Two-Pimps. rwby weapons oc. 29. teamnvjo. OC Characters: Ravage= Fallen Angels: Two Black guns that look like General IronWoods. . This thread is archived. Nov 21, 2019 - Explore Devin Rodgers's board "Rwby oc" on Pinterest. This we. Angel is a fan character created by tommylau74 for the RWBY verse. See more ideas about rwby weapon concept art rwby oc. Jun 02, 2015 · RWBY OC weapons. 3 Personalization 1. History. 1 description 1 1 atlas upgrade 2 history 3 dust use 4 trivia 5 references as its name implies crescent. Discover more posts about rwby oc weapons. DenalCC1010. Feb 28, 2014 · This was created for the group BeaconInitiates, a group focused on developing well-rounded RWBY OCs. Some, like Blake's, refer to her personality in which she always runs away from things. Sep 1, 2016 - Explore Alexandyr's board "RWBY OC Ideas and Weapons" on Pinterest. 28. 2019. RWBY OC Weapon - Bestia FangAfter that ask earlier I went ahead and finished up a proper design for Gray Buralo's weapon - Bestia Fang; . For proof of this . Optimized for close combat. Indigo StormCrest. I did base the weapon off of her's and a did have that weapon idea for a while when I first wanted to create a RWBY OC . It has a Telescoped Handle meaning you can adjust the height of the weapon. 2. Weapon Type: Pistol/Rifle . Yamata. I saw some post somewhere about people wanting a better axe than Port's apparently disappointing blunderbuss/axe so I decided to try and make something more exciting. Download Rwby Oc Maker - Rwby Oc Weapons for free. Sorry for the wait. I already tested this mod with a bunch of other mods, there shouldn´t be any compatibility issues. [Early Cocnept] Team VCTA - Volume 4 Outfits (RWBY OC), Nilton José Alves Sarmento. Jul 15, 2021 - Explore Kali Navarre's board "RWBY Weapon Ideas" on . also nothing ever happened in the last episode of volume 3. My first rendered weapon for the RWBY OC team that I've been working on, team NOVA. 604,529 . RWBY Weapon Generator. 8 Like. Its first form is a Magnetic Acceleration Sniper Rifle (MASR) and it's se. A/N: Now onto teams RWBY and JNPR. Add to . Their weapon is a xylophone that is also a crossbolt. Jan 08, 2021 · “The gun is easily able to switch from pistol to Rifle and back with relative ease. Team ROSA: Knocked out two birds with one stone for my comm pages by doing a personal project and using it as a ref LOL Anyway, these are my RWBY OC Noel Raelyn's weapons . Close program when finished. F/M/K RWBY. 3D Model. All that is currently known about her is that she is blind and that she has a presumably tragic backstory. NAMESAKE: Bagheera from The Jungle Book. Additional gear not covered in this section is allowed but must be kept within reason and falls entirely within reviewer discretion. Used by a huntsman in the tundra near Mantel. Animated 'Vile Bolt' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) 186 Views 0 . Each pinwheel is consist of five bladded boomerang that looks like a feather wrapped in a round shield with a swan emblem. 21 notes · View notes. 2021. The wielder, Maxime Agathe, Is Based off of the German Opera: Der Freischütz, as well as the characters, Max and Agathe, As Well as The Magical Musketeer Archetype from the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game, And is partially designed of of them. fite me m8 . The hard light can be configured to any shape not exceeding 1 meter. 12. My first quiz includes team RWBY, now includes team JNPR, Sun Wukong, Neo and Coco and I'm adding more but slowly. Team ROSA - RWBY OC. OC Weaponry. Share your newly created diagnosis! ×. Visa fler idéer om vapen, överlevnadsutrustning, dungeons and dragons. rwby weapons oc Posted by By May 22, 2021 No Comments . share. Plus, the open world allows for tons of exploration, more so than God Eater, where you can take missions, go on hunts, search for upgrades, etc. RWBY OC WEAPON: Fimbulvetr. RWBY OC Weapon: Adhol Ansas. Same design though. Feb 26, 2021 - Explore Jy Rose's board "RWBY OC and WEAPONS" on Pinterest. A video showing the transformation of Iokhera, a RWBY OC weapon created by me. Jul 16, 2019 · Weapons MANDATORY: Each OC has 4 “weapon points”, and having the following features or abilities in their arsenal requires points be deducted. 916. Commissioned by Grey-Forrester, check them out on DeviantArt!https://www. Ruby fires off a few rounds from Crescent Rose to slow her down, then turns the weapon into its scythe form to catch the branch of a tree in her blade and fall downward at a slower pace. 5. Weapon Name: Wohlwollendes Blut (Benevolent Blood). Chadwick Boseman (the late actor who played the role of King T'Challa of Wakanda/Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) HEIGHT: 6'5". Fool's Gold. This weapon will be given to my planned OC named Brizio. Their hairstyle is a mid fade, their eyes are amethyst, and they are not a faunus. Characters. Jun 18, 2020 - Explore Riley Aitken's board "RWBY OC Weapons" on Pinterest. Your new RWBY OC is female, a soldier, and is from Mantle! Their colour is a shade or variation of turquoise! Their inspiration comes from grunge culture. Jun 11, 2016 · Another RWBY Weapon! I am not set on the name, but I wanted to post it and see what you all think. 9,221 10 oc rwby weapons #rwbyweapons. 9,228. 91% Upvoted. Created using 3ds max Semblances are powers exhibited by Hunters and Huntresses in the world of RWBY, much like Aura. Actual animation and modelling done by Harupia7. NicePNG provides large related hd transparent png images. Share your newly created diagnosis! RWBY OC Weapons. Talk (0) The following is a list of weapons that appear in Moonlight Stars and Awakened Whispers . RWBY: OC Weapon Dictionary. Salutations, are you combat ready? @StardustStoryteller 8,937 4 FMK RWBY. My latest idea for a weapon. Come and check it out! This bio template was made with reviewing help from and is a modified version of 's RvB OC bio template, and was edited with permission. 1yr ⋅ 121900ccll ⋅ r/RWBYOC. Their Semblance is Control of Bugs. realistically speaking there would be a finite number of options because evey weapon, semblance, and dust option would need to be animated. Introducing my all Faunus Rwby Team. Delete and/or replace anything between [] or () if you wish. Hopefully, the world will be better off without your genes in it. RWBY OC Weapon - Hornshill. 916 Views. 1 Transformations 1. RWBY OC Weapon - Cladwell. Edit. 2021-jul-24 - Utforska Fabian Lundhs anslagstavla "RWBY OC weapons" på Pinterest. deviantart. 238,243. . Jul 14, 2016 · Previous Thread Welcome to the foundry, this is… Mar 24, 2020 · With some fine tuning and switch ups, such as swapping out weapon fighting styles instead of new weapons altogether, this could fit well with the cast of RWBY. At the end of the weapon there is also a chain at the end allowing the user to wrap up enemies as well as pull the sword upwards when it has been dug into an enemy or the ground. RWBY OC Weapon - Maiaff. Nov 04, 2018 · I tried to make the weapons a bit more powerful than vanilla weapons. The weapon is a Claymore that can has an Earth Dust Container (a Dustwatch) at the end of it. Yuqing. u/Koilovers. Rwby qrow branwen big sword scythe props replica cosplay weapons popcos. hide. Wohlwollendes Blut - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) 127 Views 0 Comment. 1 Li Ren . report. Hot! 66 Anime RWBY Weapon Tweets Share. See a recent post on Tumblr from @nibbles-scribbles about rwby oc weapons. Tier: At least High 8-C Name: Angel (Speculative) Origin: RWBY Fan Animation Gender: Female Age . In range it shoots dust spikes (fire,ice,wind and electricity). This weapon is a Brogit Staff with a curved hook on the end of it. Welcome user to [insert Oc name] profile archive, enter password and username to access data. com/grey-forrester "Edward Orson, its wielder, once had to deal with the . Most often, they are based on real-life weapons, but they can be combined with other weapons or given additional features to increase their versatility and effectiveness in combat. RWBY belongs to Monty Oum. The average Mini/Gatling gun can go through a 3,000 or 4,000 round magazine per minute ( Gatling/Mini guns info - YouTube video ). Aug 26, 2021 · "Now, I have a load of weapons to ship to some angry faunus with money in Catchfire, so au revoir, imbecile. Mar 25, 2018 - Explore Seraph Arch's board "RWBY OC (and other characters)" on Pinterest. Season 3 HYPE! Create your awesome RWBY-weapons for your OCs with this extended generator! :D Be prepared to use the Wikipedia. Published May 29, 2015 · Updated August 10, 2015. Edit source. More Coming Soon! Name. ~RWBY OC Weapons~ Team MLIT: Winter Tempest - Blizzard's Touch • Lunar Illusion • Indigo StormCrest • Checkmate: Team QRTZ: Forest's Whisper/ Light's Path • Soaring Wings • Fire Awakener • Knight's Star: Team AMZN: Aero Cutter - Lightnin' Slicers • Fiery Strikers - Burning Quake • Gold Striker • Thunder Guardian: Team WYNG Most RWBY weapons can be reloaded with more bullets making for more than 300 shots, nearing to 900 shots depending on the weapon. Weiss, armed with Myrtenaster, summons a white snowflake circle under her and leaps off of it to the forest below. I'd also recommend to follow the Community Guidelines to have your Oc easily accepted into rps. 13 comments. See more ideas about rwby oc, rwby, weapons. 2 Dust 1. The design of the weapon is based on Paper Lanterns that she used with some RWBY alterations and flair added in. WEIGHT: 225 lbs (lean, muscular build) HAIR COLOR: Pitch Black. Information on Angel's character is sparse. 10 oc rwby weapons #rwbyweapons Tweets Share. Looks pretty sweet. [Team ROSA] "Elegant Egotism" - Weapon . Owner. # rwby # rwby oc # rwbyweapon # rwby weapons # rwby oc weapon # my art. A commissioned weapon based off of the animated show RWBY by Roosterteeth. Follow. Hello and welcome! I am here to provide, resources, answers, and critiques for your RWBY ocs and teams! I will do the very best I can to . For more details go to Edit properties. Honneur De'Beau, a bladded pinwheel attached on both wrist and shinguards. rwby weapon oc